The UCC 'Model of Cancer Care'

Research and discussion with several cancer patients, families, friends and medical professionals lead to development of this '360° Cancer Care' service for the patient as well as their near and dear ones.

UCC Model of Care

Timely, Prompt and Affirmative Action

Every UCC Care-personnel is selected and specifically trained to handle physical, psychological, social challenge and dispense special 'comfort' to ensure all round emotional comfort to all patients and their relatives.

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The UCC Model of care is Unique

Concierge, Care-giver, Active listener, Coordinator, Assistant, Doctors, Hospitals, Counsellors, Health Coach, Emotional Support : Single point of Contact for any cancer patient.

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State-of-the-art Infrastructure

UCC team regularly monitors new and emerging medical pharma and technology inorder to facilitate the needy patients and address their type of cancer treatment correctly.

The Innovative
UCC "Model of Cancer Care".

Any & every requirement of a cancer patient before diagnosis, during & post diagnosis

UCC Model of Patient Centric Cancer-care
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Universal Cancer Conquest

A much-needed complete screening, treatment and service for the cancer patients to follow the cancer assistance process in a timely and assured manner. Click here for information.

Life is a journey with many twists and turns. For an increasing number of cases, the journey includes cancer diagnosis. With the discovery of this hidden ailment in you, panic sets in. The worst fears run riot in the minds of near and dear ones. This is where Universal Cancer Conquest (UCC) comes to your rescue.
UCC’s specific focus is on cancer and cancer-care. There are no other competing priorities. Every person and resource is dedicated to the unique needs of the cancer patients. Beginning in a modest way at Hardikar Hospital in Pune, UCC is creating a wide network of hospitals, clinics, doctors and caregivers. They offer every chance to reverse and stop the threat of cancer in the patient’s body by offering resources for the widest array of treatment options - what ever your age, location and stage of treatment.

This is the unique UCC model of Cancer Care.


Expert Opinion by UCC.

Expert Opinion (e.o by UCC) is an opportunity for every cancer patient who would like to get an independent expert opinion to help confirm or clarify the earlier diagnosis or line of cancer treatment. Online, from the comfort of your home!

Expert Opinion Online!

UCC offers a special Joint Clinic panel/Tumour board to study the patient's medical data and provide their qualified & expert opinion. Be surely sure, the diagnosis, and line of your cancer treatment is correct, necessary and in the right direction.

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